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THE 11 STEPS to a LUXURY BRAND. The First Practical Luxury Branding Guide in the World

The First Practical Luxury Branding Guide in the World"
Kindle Edition available at AMAZON stores ( )
When first discussed with Giorgos Kolliopoulos , Founder and CEO of Speiron his idea on publishing his work on Luxury we really said. One more book on Luxury? And in such turbulent times? Then we searched the bibliography and realized that there is no any practical guide on Luxury available. Just few academic books that need time to read and extract the juice. The decision made. We will help Giorgos to spread his message to the world by publishing and promoting his remarkable masterpiece.
This book comes from an entrepreneur that made it happen. He managed a decade ago to upgrade a commodity food such olive oil to a Luxury brand renowned now worldwide.

This book is about Extraordinary Vision, Passion for Excellence, Artistic Design, Handcrafting, controlling emotions and creation of the Dream Level, namely the key secrets to decoding luxury.
It will show you how you can apply Extreme Value Added (EVA) to your idea following 11 easy steps and create a unique Luxury Brand that can last for decades.
In this book for first time new terms and expressions are introduced in the luxury world such as Alpha Passion, Alpha Pricing, Democratization of Luxury, DreamLevel, Elitist Modus, ESP Apocalypse, Extraordinariness Selling Point (ESP), Extreme Value Added (EVA), Passion Injection (PI), Veblen effect, to name a few.
We know your time is valuable, so our first goal is to present you a book you can read on a brief plane ride. Our second and more important goal is to introduce you the insights, process, and courage to build a successful high-performance luxury brand.
January 2017, Thessaloniki
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ΤΗΕ ECONOMIST - Christos D. Katsanos on Branding - Thessaloniki Agricultural Business Summit 2015

Αρωματικά Φυτά: Που και πως θα πουλήσω το προιόν μου

Christos D. Katsanos on Branding - 104,5 Radio Station interview

Great interview to Ms Alexandra Gouta of 104,5 Radio Station on Branding of Agri products - May 20,2016

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Christos D. Katsanos on Innovation at HOMO INNOVATUS workshop 2015

Homo Innovatus: The Evolution of Greek Mentality to Overcome the Crisis

«European Students for Liberty» Organization organized on November 2015 the first ESFL Regional Conference in Thessaloniki, Greece in Thessaloniki, Greece .

The topic of the Conference was the economical crisis Greece and Europe are facing.

The Policy Studies Institute "Urban Reform Centre" participated in the Conference by organizing an independent panel of speakers on the subject:

'' Homo Innovatus: The Evolution of Greek Mentality to Overcome the Crisis ''.

The Speakers were Mr. Nikolaos M. Tsoniotis (Co-Founder / Technical Lead at ENISTEC, Admin of SKG Startuppers), Christos D. Katsanos (Managing Partner & Creative Director at DKG GROUP, Mentor / Coach at Orange Grove) and the Konstantinos Mouratis (Head of Marketing & PR

Department at IP DIGITAL, Publiser, Consultant, Entrepreneur) will coordinate and discussion.The discussion was in conference English.

More information here : and

You can watch the whole discussion here :